Agricultural machinery


Even sowing and fertilizing: As their terminal with ISOBUS, OPUS controls the continuously variable transmission of tractors and all attachments. Includes video surveillance.

Plowing, harvesting, all kinds of applications! Using ISOBUS standard, OPUS controls mounted implements and tractor hydraulics with video camera and precision monitoring of servicing intervals.

Tractor at the front, various attachments at the rear and the OPUS A2 in between – to ensure proper communication. With a video screen to monitor the rear area, OPUS thinks proactively to ensure relaxed working conditions in the driver’s cab!

Spraying machines

Fertilizer quantity and formulation governed by previous year’s yields – OPUS ascertains all values, precisely controls the quantity of chemicals sprayed and records all application data.


You drive, OPUS A2 pays attention: On the baler, our classic operator panel controls harvesting speed, pressure and size of hay bales. And clearly indicates when it’s time to re-fill sheeting and twine.

Combine harvesters

Corn and grain harvesting – Reliably controlled by OPUS. In addition to vehicle data, it also records job data for later billing and shows all GPS data on its display.

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